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Lets get the band back together!

May 21, 2017

Crazy Gaze

The sheer volume of hilarious stories that happened off of the stage in the era we are so diligently examining in this endeavour is staggering.  Every party, every show (both pre and post), and every adventure were chalk full of comedy and belly laughs.  If you could somehow magically compile video footage of all the messed up, laughter filled, wasted moments during the decade in question, you would need a library to store your VHS tapes, old man.  Any group of young people who partied and made music and memories together should have too many to count.  Its the mark of doing it right.  Youth is best wasted laughing and loving... maybe throw a thrashy bass line in there too.


Sink your demonic fist into my mandibles, would ya?


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