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Lets get the band back together!

June 8, 2017

High Five!

Its been a wild ride here on Dead Horses.  Had I been listening back to the episodes, a more compelling and cohesive show could have been given to you, the listener.  Instead, I trade all of that for fun.  Pure, in the moment, passionate, unfiltered radio goodness... thats what it would day on the bottle to sell you the juice.  But if you look in the small print on the very same bottle, you'd see the warnings... may contain repetion, non sequiters, loose ends, and rambling... may cause embarassment and the urge to fast forward.  Please use responsibly.  Certainly don't binge 30 episodes on a car ride to Edmonton searching for radio gold.  You might never see me the same again.


Tonight's guest is one of my favourite musicians.  Always an honor.


Clock is ticking, Beatrice.


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