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Lets get the band back together!

June 29, 2017

Landlines 2: Zero Hour

Do you ever think about God?  Do you ever think about God... ON WEED?!? I been thinking about the universe a lot lately, about coincidence and chance, luck and fate.  I have realized over the years that a positive mindset works wonders and you get back what you put out there.  So much of the era we are speaking of on this show, was spent in dismal, angry, directionless spirit... at least for me, anyways.  I was a cynic, a pessimist, and pretty unmotivated.  Time heals all wounds and that mindset wasn't healthy for me, a wound of sorts, so now, having come out the other side, I see that the moment is where bliss is.  I see that keeping a positive attitude, working hard, and savouring life... gratitude, if you will... still gets you many happy points in the grande scheme of things.  That is why I truly believe that the rock and roll Gods are smiling down on all of us, and that this show and this endeavour is exactly where we should be right now.  Hopefully, the next episode will be audio of the show itself.  Hopefully, I'll see you there.


For now, enjoy the worst case of drummer face Brandon ever produced... and a flukey nod from the Gods of Rock and Roll.  m/


Thanks for listening over these past months.  Its been fun.


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