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Lets get the band back together!

May 25, 2017

Tucked Up

Good golly, miss lady... Molly? Holly?  Heck, call yourself Sholly for all I care.  I won't remember it.  I won't acknowledge it.  I'll just keep on blabbering on about me and nothing or me doing nothing... typical radio numbskull.  You know, sometimes when I listen back to this show, as I will ocassionally do to spot check the levels before I put it up, I am reminded that even though people are listening, nobody should be probably.  I mean, I make myself giggle and chortle and other synonyms for laughter.  But there is no reason a sane individual should chuckle at my idiocy.  Some of my tangents are dead ends and most of my so called jokes fall flat.  I LOVE IT! My favourite shows are the ones that I think suck. I don't know why.  Tonight, I am as unprepared and poorly informed as ever, and my guest, as nice as he is, couldn't pull this baby out of the dumpster.  Sorry Mark.


Enjoy.  Delete.


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